John Eaden

14 Feb 2020 — 14 Mar 2020


Lines of constant or parallel circles parallel to the equator.
An imaginary line around a heavenly body parallel to its equator.
Latitude, the freedom of choice and space to act and decide for one’s self.
North and south geographical.

The title of this group of paintings permits the inclusion of works revealing manmade interventions in the form of patterns and structures relating to both commerce and recreation. Latitude gives license to contemplate landscape in a subjective way and reconsider realism, naturalism and optical reality of this north/south divide.

The New Zealand 1919 Year Book states ‘By superimposing the location of New Zealand on its comparable northern coordinates but with east (instead of west) longitude and New Zealand was included on a Europe map, the south of the South Island would occupy the same space as the north of Italy’.

John Eaden

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