Cross Purposes

Work from Gavin Hurley and Martin Poppelwell. December 2nd - December 24th.

In this project the artists have combined parts of each others practice to make drawings, paintings and objects etc that reflect this conversation and exchange.

The collaborative process is such a slippery area, often the essence of an artists work is shifted, blunted or slightly muddled when combined with another. However with shared starting points of small sculptures and cutout figures the artists have mingled narrative and history into evocative diagrams that oddly enough question the very idea of collaboration.

Initially the artists floated the idea of calling the exhibition ‘half a show’, clearly wondering who was going to do which half and what. Was a ‘whole’ show even possible when two practices try and work alongside each other?

The sharing of territory in this way is an outward representation of such healthy and naked scepticism.

Image: Little Tench (detail), 2016. Oil on linen, 450x350mm. Gavin Hurley courtesy of Melanie Roger Gallery.