Line Dancing

Emma McIntyre’s body of work for ‘Line Dancing’ is a demonstration of her ever-present want for a painting to be full of movement, to dance, to be alive. In her process-driven practice, Emma seeks oily depths to dive into, or an optical surface on which the eye cannot settle. While drawing motifs from patterning, geometric and modernist abstraction, Emma’s palette and spatial depths cannot help but evoke landscapes, windows, fabrics, pulling the outside world into consideration within each surface.

Emma McIntyre lives and works in Auckland, recently completing her MFA at Elam School of Fine Art after a stint in New York. She gained her BVA at AUT School of Visual Art. Recent shows include ‘Painting: A Transitive Space’ at St. Paul Street Gallery 3, Auckland, ‘Grid, Colour, Plane: Seven Non-Figurative Auckland Painters’ at Malcolm Smith, Auckland, ‘Loop the loop’ at 30upstairs gallery, Wellington.