Derek Henderson


In the stockroom

New Zealand born Derek Henderson (b. 1963) currently divides his time between Auckland, New Zealand and Sydney, Australia. Henderson exhibits work as part of his fine-arts practice both nationally and internationally. Works by Henderson are held in major private and public collections throughout New Zealand and Australia including the Wallace Trust Collection and the NGV (National Gallery of Victoria).

Untitled #1

Ixora Coccinea

Untitled #7

4 Wansbeck Street, Oamaru, Otago. 8.05pm 16th February 2004

Untitled #9

341 Pa Road Whangara, East Cape. 12.20pm 1st, April 2004

1210 Jellicoe Street, Hastings.6.46am, 3rd March 2019.

901 Tamatea Place, Hastings. 7.18am 2nd March 2019.

814 Rangiora Street, Hastings. 6.32am 20th January 2020

617 Mairangi Street, Hastings. 6.41am, 20th January 2020.

109 Conway Street, Hastings. 7.28am, 19th January 2020.

209 Park Road North, Hastings. 6.32am, 4th March 2019.

232 Warwick Road, Hastings. 6.43am, 19th January 2020.

235 Kenilworth Road, Hastings. 6.19am, 19th January, 2020.

437 Dalcross Street, Hastings. 6.36am, 22nd January, 2020.

516 Fenwick Street, Hastings. 7.12am, 22nd January 2020.

616 Grove Road, Hastings. 6.30am, 17th January, 2020.

622 Mairangi Street and 803 Rangiora Street, Hastings. 6.16am 20th January, 2020.

706 Tamatea Street, Hastings. 7.19am, 20th January, 2020.

706 Terrace Road, Hastings. 6.52am, 18th January, 2020.