Born in Napier, New Zealand, 1982. g. bridle completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Massey University, Wellington NZ in 2004. In 2006 g. bridle commenced a personal museum collection, giving to this a title as the Retreat. The idea of a collection was shaped by literary investigations and travel to destinations of interest in particular St. Petersburg, Russia. Since this time, both within New Zealand and on further travels abroad, he has continued his methods of meticulous research, selection, acquisitions, taking photographs and sorting these all into the Retreat’s ongoing repository.

bridle’s recent attentions focus quite directly on what different types of modes of living can provide as retreat to consumer driven human behaviour in an age of late capitalism. To this end, the current iteration is the study of presence and absence in regional taxonomies of New Zealand inflected by the artist’s international finds and discoveries. Iterations of the Retreat have been shown throughout New Zealand and internationally - Zabludowicz Collection London ARTSPACE Aotearoa Auckland, Adam Art Gallery Wellington, Bowerbank Ninow Gallery Auckland and St Paul Street Gallery Auckland.

Of the Acorn and the Necklace (Pb)

Krivda 7

Jet d’Eau