I am seIf taught and I paint still lifes, my subjects are interesting ceramics and familiar floral subjects – magnolias, late summer flowers turning to their autumn forms, hydrangeas, dahlias, and common shop-bought flowers are making reappearances. I like to paint in oils on board.

Works from early to mid-20th century France, Britain and New Zealand continue to influence me and I’m looking closely at Bonnard, van Gogh, and Matisse again. After recent travel to Japan I deepened my appreciation of Japanese aesthetics and the influence it had on the works of these artists. In Britain I reacquainted myself with the works of John Piper, Christopher Wood and Alfred Wallis, and several contemporary artists associated with this aesthetic. The British affection for and interest in the natural world can be associated with the Japanese aesthetic expression, although the treatment seems very different to me. My work belongs to these traditions and the surfaces, colours and treatment in my works have definite decorative elements.

Melanie Mills 2020.


I was born in England and emigrated to New Zealand with my family as a child. I grew up in Auckland and now live in Wellington with my partner, cats and chickens.