Maia McDonald

14 Jul 2021 — 7 Aug 2021

We are pleased to welcome Maia McDonald to the gallery with her inaugural show ‘Kotahi’.

The main suite of watercolour paintings in our latest solo exhibition ‘Kotahi’ are a bright and colourful departure from Maia McDonald’s earlier coffee and ink series collected by Wellington City Art Collection. Maia’s new works still employ motifs that are recognisable as Māori, yet the images also have an unknown quality to them. They are a surreal adventure into the somewhat botanical and abstract world that the artist explores with her brush. The colour works are flanked by a light blue series that runs in a similar vein to the coffee and ink works, with a freedom of brushwork that also existed in the earlier pieces.

‘Kotahi’ is an exploration into the internal world of the Artist, a meditation on the otherworldly, with titles like ‘I know your secrets’ and ‘You took me there, I brought you here…’ speaking to themes around relationships and relocation. Across a pandemic world, a splash of colour is always a welcome sight. As a backdrop to the main event are a series of ceramic tiles, these tiles are an introduction to the artist’s clay practice, with earthy tones and indigenous shapes. These tiles mimic some of the ideas explored in the works on paper and are an interesting aside to the lightness present in the main bulk of the works on offer.

I know your secrets