Stella Corkery, Tony de Lautour, Saskia Leek, Julian Hooper, Peter Madden, Martin Poppelwell, Cat Fooks, Imogen Taylor, Dick Frizzell

13 Oct 2017 — 11 Nov 2017

Currently on at the MTG (Napier) is the exhibition ‘Freedom+Structure’. The show is focussed on ‘cubist’ art works / practice during the period 1930—1960. It delves into conversations that artists like Louise Henderson, John Weeks, Charles Tole, Colin McCahon, Melvin Day & Stanley Wallis had with a ‘cubist’ mind, in their artwork and amongst each other. 

Kubismus is a contemporary glance at painting which has a connection to this sensibility. One of the aspects of cubist work is its lightness of touch, inclusion of everyday materials, incorporation of ephemera, and perhaps as T.J Clarke, the English art writer has suggested, a sentimental grasp at bohemian life in the face of modernism.

Kubismus will present work from a strong collection of New Zealand contemporary artists. Stella Corkery, Tony de Lautour, Cat Fooks, Dick Frizzell, Julian Hooper, Saskia Leek, Peter Madden, Martin Poppelwell and Imogen Taylor.

Abstract I

Stella Corkery

Right Letter II

Tony de Lautour

Untitled (Choice)

Saskia Leek


Julian Hooper

Love Story

Peter Madden

Look at all the mess .. tile

Abstract II

The Spruces


Imogen Taylor


Imogen Taylor

The Colour Course VI

Saskia Leek

Damask Love

Cat Fooks

Duck Soup

Dick Frizzell


Martin Poppelwell

The Duet

Cat Fooks