Martin Poppelwell

15 Mar 2019 — 13 Apr 2019

March 15 - April 13.

“…paintings are not propositions, they are not even like propositions. that is they do not aim to make statements or even, precisely, to seek assent. they are best not seen…”(1.)

Heads hills letters lumps lists and speculation populate new painting and drawing from Martin Poppelwell. Following on from his recent show of pottery / sculpture these works continue to build loosely woven grids from colour, objects and letters. What one gets is a combination of abstraction and frank depictions.

“I look endlessly for gaps and breaks in the making of paintings, where I can imply fragments of light and thought, where space kind of lurches as materials exchange areas of intensity, and of course a small chunk of mock ‘beauty’..moments that can expand into watching time pass.”

  1. Heaven on earth and the life to come, TJ Clarke, Thames+Hudson, 2018. (fyi “i have edited this quote abruptly, its service has been altered.)

The Short Straw, 2018-2019
Oil on linen, 350x350mm.

The Short Straw..

I wandered my rooms..

Do you like to be called teabag..

Don’t even try to get up..

No one gets tired..

Young man bad job..

Maybe in ten..

We would be sitting..

I fill the frightening void with a chirpy attitude..

Dear head hill..

Black Bean but its not a black bean, its every other bean except black bean.

A certain Mrs Fleming..

She was middled aged..