The Seven Voyages

John Brown

7 Aug 2020 — 5 Sep 2020

In Brown’s second exhibition with SPA_CE he continues an exploration of personal history and attempts to piece together his Pakeha/Greek heritage and family ancestry.

With this new series of theatrical paintings Brown continues to amalgamate various painterly conventions. With influences that hark back to Cubism, Brown collages objects and landforms, directs icons and cultures, as if they are characters on stage, arrangements that suggest a search for clues to gaining a deeper understanding and questioning of where he comes from. (1)

The work draws on spurious theories of Pakeha indigeneity as explored in controversial books, To the Ends of the Earth, The Secret Land - People Before and Journeys into the Mystery all claiming that there were already inhabitants in Aotearoa before the Maori arrived some 600-800 years ago.

Perhaps providing more questions than answers, The Seven Voyages seeks a dialogue between artist and culture across history to track and navigate a path to a sense of belonging.

Please join us for the opening event on Friday, August 7th between 5-7pm.

If you would like to receive a catalogue please be in touch or call Megan on 021 500340.

The Seven Voyages

The Protaganist

Dance of Dinornis

Golden Jandal

Journey of the Sun and the Moon

Kaitiaka of Nephrite

Shifting Sands

Venus the traveller

The Protagonist and the Fabricator