Vanessa Arthur - CODA w Handshake 5

12 Apr 2019

Vanessa Arthur is one of 12 NZ jewellers that will take part in ‘Handshake in dialogue with the CODA collection’ a dialogue and response to select artists/works, branched under 5 themes within the contemporary jewellery collection of CODA Museum, The Netherlands. An exhibition of the outcomes, alongside original works will be held at the CODA Museum later in the year.

Vanessa will converse and respond to select jewellery works by Onno Boekhoudt. Onno Boekhoudt (1944 –2002) was trained at the renowned technical school in Schoonhoven and the Kunst-und Werkschule in Phorzheim. He gained international recognition as a designer of jewellery, but he also made objects, installations and drawings. It was not so much the end result, but rather the process, the search and the path towards it that mattered to him..

You can read more about the project on the Handshake Project website.

Vanessa has a solo show with SPA_CE in June.

Image 1: View from Vanessa Arthur’s studio.
Image 2: View from Onno Boekhoudt’s studio.