East Coast

Freeman White

17 Feb 2017 — 18 Mar 2017

The East Coast, border between land and sea.
A place where the elements collide and the power and majesty of nature resides.
Ever changing yet so timeless in its constant flux.
The beauty, the power, the light, this is the East Coast.
The place where I was born, and my ancestors before me, the place that I came to start my own family.
The East Coast, where sky meets the sea and sea meets the land, waves crash on a shingle beach, the sound echoes up in the Bluff.

Freeman White, 2017.

Mahia Peninsula

Stormy Sky over Napier Beach

Wave Study No. 2

Breaking Wave Marine Parade

Wave Study No. 1

Cloud Study No. 1

Cloud Study No. 2

Wave Study No. 3

Ocean Beach View

Clouds over Mahia

Ocean Beach