ONE HUNDRED AND ONE THINGS to buy before you die

Vanessa Arthur

29 Jun 2019 — 27 Jul 2019

‘I stumbled across a book of the same title almost 10 years ago, in the Wellington City Library. A bucket list of luxury objects to buy before you kick the bucket…I thought it was absurd.

Ever since, I’ve pondered our need for the constant replacement of the objects we own (other than for practical reasons).
To erase all signs of wear and tear, rather than celebrating them.
To distract us from our own brief moment in time?

What if Diderot had kept his old dressing gown? (1)

These new works, 101 small gestures in jewellery and object form, continue my exploration of the leftovers behind the gloss.
Intended to act as small reminders, rather than distractions.
That we too, all become slightly janky, scratched and dented eventually.

That our time is fleeting and to pluck it while it’s here.’

Vanessa Arthur, 2019.

Please join us for our daytime opening on Saturday June 29th at 10.00am to celebrate .. Vanessa will be in attendance. We are also very pleased to offer the first presentation of the Supernatural Wine Co Pétillant Naturel, 2019, Proprietor Greg Collinge will also be on site to share the first pour of this new vintage.

(1) 2005. Regrets for my Old Dressing Gown. [Accessed 20 May 2019].

Works are still being added to this exhibition