Second Hand Daydream

Mark Alsweiler

11 Oct 2019 — 2 Nov 2019

Working across drawing, painting and sculpture, Mark Alsweiler’s work explores a romanticisation of the ordinary and every day. His paintings are visual assemblages, blending small moments in time from collected day to day material and ideas internally constructed and imagined. This forms repurposed scenes that could be compared to a film still or stage show frozen in time. Interested in various forms of design and architecture, he works around contrasting elements of form and structure and often balances between abstraction and figuration, light and dark, old and new, past and present, actuality and daydream.

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Grid City

Yellow Haze

Pattern Assortment

Mosaic Interior

Interior Patchwork

Street Furniture

Sculpture 1

Sculpture 2

Sculpture 3

Sculpture 4

Sculpture 5

Sculpture 6