Simon Attwooll (b.1985) is interested in the intersection between new and old technologies and what information becomes lost or overlooked in either. Slipping between mediums: not quite painting, or printmaking, nor object-based practice, Attwooll manoeuvres between analogue, digital and human modes using found photographs as readymades.

In a time when photography often only exists in a digitised form Attwooll encourages an alternative method of engagement. Attwooll’s works explore the nuances in our relationship to them and encourage us to re-examine our relationship to the photographic image and object.

Selected recent shows include: Windows, SPA_CE Gallery, Napier, (Upcoming) 2021; View Finders, Olga Gallery, Dunedin, NZ, 2021; |NOTFAIR|, Melbourne, Australia, 2021; Ton tonton tond ton thon, {Suite} Gallery, Wellington, NZ, 2020; Sometimes a Bad Experience is Better Than a Long Explanation, {Suite} Gallery, Wellington, NZ, 2019.

Currently living and working in Wellington New Zealand, Attwooll has shown nationally and internationally and has works held in both public and private collections.

Look around, Rotorua mudpools

Look around, bit bushy

Look around, Pohutu Geyser