Martin Poppelwell, Leanne Culy, John Eaden, Mark Alsweiler, Melanie Mills, Gavin Hurley

20 Mar 2020 — 6 Jun 2020

The gallery is pleased to present ‘distilled’, an exhibition focusing on current practices that examine the existence of things and stuff in spaces and rooms. Traditionally called ‘still life’ painting, the notion of building paintings and compositions from either a single item or an group of items, allows the maker to convey thoughts and ideas with limited means. Notions of light, depth, scale and positioning, come into play - decisions the artist makes being both personal and domestic relationships in the form of objects. There is sometimes the odd sense that the subject is so unimportant or insignificant it can’t be ignored, it still has an essence.

Featured artists:

Mark Alsweiler
Leanne Culy
John Eaden
Gavin Hurley
Melanie Mills
Martin Poppelwell

Please contact the gallery for a catalogue hello@thisisspace.co.nz or 021 500340.

Lemon III Pessoa

Green Fingers

Old Nails

Kitchen implements


Old Iron Nail Left

Metal Stool

Interior Space II

Old Iron Nail Right

Flowers in a jug

Still life with boy

Dish of Fruit and Black Vase

Italian bottle, vase with lillies and ornament

Interior Space I