on the verge of blue

Ruth Ige, Jaime Jenkins, Emma McIntyre

5 Dec 2019 — 21 Dec 2019

on the verge of blue.
Emma McIntyre, Jaime Jenkins, Ruth Ige.

This exhibition touches on how the work of three artists layer ideas of colour into their work.
In hovering around “blue” in particular, and how it is formed in each painting or sculpture, opens up ideas of zones, transcendence, atmosphere and light. The actual colour is not so much the subject but integral to how the artists are blending their process and thought.

To request a preview catalogue please email Megan at hello@thisisspace.co.nz or call 021 500340.

The warmth of that day, forever lingers

The certainty of hope

A place not yet seen

Daisy Chain on Wedge

Little bell tower

Wall chain

Grid (blue heart)

Grid (fluro daisy)

E (Flower)

L (Baby Pink)

E (Blue Mesh)