Fever in the Wilderness

Denys Watkins

29 Jun 2022 — 23 Jul 2022

Denys Watkins
Fever in the Wilderness
June 29th to July 23rd, 2022

The gallery presents our first show with Denys Watkins. A selection of works on card and paper make up ‘Fever in the Wilderness’.

These works are continuation of my investigations with form, shallow space, the possibilities revealing themselves by manipulation. Informed by Fauna and Flora, architecture and textiles, popular culture, weight, symmetry and music, the memory bank of art history.

As Gillian Whitehead recently observed - “It’s intuition and Craft.”

Denys Watkins, 2022

Full Moon

Been here before

Founding Fathers


Fruit fall pursausion

Travelling Light

Night by night


Previous Glories

Birds & Beasts


Legacy within the herd

Jealousy & Mayhem