John Eaden

3 Aug 2022 — 3 Sep 2022

August 3rd - September 3rd.

John returns with a new series of paintings informed by his surroundings.

This series of works records a view of a manmade landscape within the immediate environment. Interventions have created roading, drainage, hedging or recreation to be used as part of a greater resolve. Included is a school cadet shooting range, now beyond its functioning use and serving another unrelated purpose.

John Eaden, 2022.

We are having an opening event tomorrow Wednesday, August 3rd, 5-7pm, all welcome.

Image: Range IV 2022. Oil on board, 900mm x 1000mm

Range IV

St Georges Rd North

View St Georges Rd III

View St Georges Rd II

Hedge St Georges Rd

Range III

Roller & Bin

View St Andrews Rd