Green Piano

Mark Alsweiler

20 Apr 2022 — 21 May 2022

Mark Alsweiler
April 20 - May 21

The gallery welcomes our fourth solo show from Mark Alsweiler with a suite of 10 new paintings.

I have started to work more directly from collected images and reference material that I find while doing day-to-day things. Mostly from a built environment that I can either envisage as a background composition or certain details I can repurpose. I use an assembling process of combining, adding, and subtracting from the various sources to form rough drawings I can then build upon. I am interested in simplifying of everyday imagery down to geometric and contrasting shapes. The figures are generally constructed more from imagination and intuition. These meeting points of consideration and intuition and abstraction and figuration form a balancing act I am attempting to navigate.

Mark Alsweiler, 2022.

An essay by Maggie Brink ‘Dancing in the dark - I think I just needed to wee’ accompanies the show. This can be downloaded to the right.

Blue Window

Building Blocks

Concrete & Glass

Garden Music

Green to Blue

Living Room II

Natural Settings

Out Source

Sun Patterns

Tomato House