Gavin Hurley

16 Mar 2022 — 16 Apr 2022

Recent cut-outs and thread works.

There’s enough reference material in my studio to last a lifetime and hard to let anything go, it’s chaos. I like to make work that’s not chaotic, not too orderly either, made by hand and ok with being a bit wonky.

A decade ago (in my 30’s), I turned my back on painting portraits and was thinking about ‘growing up’.

Indoors is a recent series of painted paper collages, hand cut with added textured book covers, embroidery thread and found paint by numbers, my 1970’s childhood all over again.

Gavin Hurley, 2022.

We are hoping to have an opening event with Gavin present on Wednesday March 16th, 5-7pm. We will assess as we get closer, if we go ahead the gallery will operate within Red Traffic Light settings with a gathering of up to 25 people.

To enquire please email the gallery at

Boy in the room

Afraid of Everything

Boy in the Room 4

Comb 5

Can’t Relax, Won’t Relax

Missing 32

Comb 4

On the Rocks

Boy in the Room 2

Boy in the Room 3





Moustache 1 - Mr Townsend

Moustache 2 - Chaotic Mo

Moustache 3 - Miss Dallas