Tom Mackie, Simon Attwooll

19 Nov 2021 — 18 Dec 2021

Windows by Tom Mackie and Simon Attwooll is a celebration of the space in between. Using deconstructed found objects and images, Mackie and Attwooll create windows that draw attention to the unexpected.

Industrial offcut turns art object as Mackie transforms the emptiness into a shape that holds fresh possibilities. As the focus shifts to and builds on what’s left behind, the neglected material is re-presented as a ghostly window. Found archival materials are altered to evoke new narratives, creating a hybrid of print and sculpture that becomes a visual puzzle.

In a similar way, Attwooll’s found and reworked source material are postcards, a by-product of suggested travel to different places with the intervention of a photo of the artist’s eyes punning on the “sight seeing” tourist. Here the New Zealand based postcard acts as a window as Attwooll encourages us, himself included, to explore our own backyard and find our own way to fit comfortably within it.

Together, Mackie and Attwooll’s works showcase materials that were once discarded or rendered obsolete and re-present them as windows to be looked through or looked back from, and in turn encourage the viewer to examine their surroundings.


Happy Clappy

Making Myth I

Making Myth II

Making Myth III

This too shall pass

Look around, sea cave

Look around, Lake Hayes I

Look around, Pancake Rocks with flying colours

Look around, Rotorua mudpools

Look around, Mount Taranaki I

Versa Vice

Look around, bit bushy

Look around, Pohutu Geyser

Look around, Autumn mountains

Look around, eyes on a prize deer

Look around, ferns & glaciers

Everybodies Masterpiece

Look around, hot mud

Look around, Lake Tarawera

Look around, Mitre Peak - Milford Sound

Look around, Mount Taranaki reflected on Lake Mangamahoe

Look around, Northland cave

Look around, Sheep farming

Look around, view of views