4 : 24.2.21

Mark Braunias, Martin Poppelwell, Jake Walker, Estate of L Budd / Martin Poppelwell, Estate of L. Budd

24 Feb 2021 — 27 Mar 2021

The gallery has re-opened with a group show 4: 24.02.2021 showcasing work from Mark Braunias, Estate of L. Budd, Martin Poppelwell and Jake Walker.
The practice of each artist employs material as central and intrinsic to how work is perceived or felt. Utilising the relationship that we all have with materials and their function, history and structure the works tend to act more as images of themselves than any particular subject. It was felt when coming up with the idea for the show over a year ago, an approach touching on matter itself might have a direct and singular current. The artists have built work with this show in mind, both in terms of the curation and the people involved. 

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A horn goes well in the forest

It is the hour of the Apertif

The Unnameable

Untitled (5.1.21)

Untitled (29.1.21)

Untitled (2020)

Te Mahia

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PP 2

Book 2

Book 3



Book 1

PP 3

PP 4

PP 5

PP 6

PP 7

Suzie Q