Then or Now

Tom Mackie

2 Dec 2020 — 24 Dec 2020

We are pleased to present our first solo show with Wellington based artist Tom Mackie.

Do join us for the opening tomorrow Friday, December 4th from 5-7pm to celebrate.

Please contact the gallery with any enquiry or to request a preview catelogue here

The concept behind the majority of these works was formed during the Covid lockdown period. Without access to an abundance of materials, it was necessary to adapt items I’d previously overlooked, such as the industrial moving blanket in the work ‘Untitled’. I reworked the blanket using the same methods I’d used in my previous paper collage works to create new narratives. ‘Untitled’ is a nod to Frank Stella’s ‘Black Paintings’ of the late ’50s combined with notions of the ‘ready made’.

Through exploring post minimalist theory and conceptual painting, the idea of re-presenting found and ready made materials formed. A found object altered or removed from its original context, draws attention to what often goes unseen and asks viewers to slow down and think beyond the surface. I’m interested in the process of deconstructing and subtracting from the picture plane, transforming materials into minimalist puzzles that question our understanding of painting.

The simpler something is, the more challenging it becomes to create and view.

Tom Mackie, 2020.

Support structure

Future Memories

For no reason

Performing Anxiety


3 Way


Charged Empty Space