Then or Now

Tom Mackie

2 Dec 2020 — 25 Dec 2020

We are pleased to present our first solo show with Wellington based artist Tom Mackie.

Do join us for the opening Friday, December 5th from 5-7pm to celebrate, Tom will be attending.

Please contact Megan with any enquiry or to request a preview catelogue here

The majority of this work came out the rear end of quarantine lockdown. Scrambling for material the first work was born ‘untitled’. A found moving blanket was cut & sewn back together. The same way I would earlier cut collage & reassemble to create something new out of a rather mundane object. The work a nod to Frank Stella’s ‘black paintings’ of the late 50’s.

Through exploring post minimalist theory & conceptual painting, the idea of the picture plane vanishing & leaving just the support material began to grow. Through my love of collecting items presented themselves together & relationships formed. I would alter a found object or totally remove it from its original context by wood turning, painting or staining. The idea of what was on the back of the found canvas became more interesting questioning how & why the unintentional marks became present originally, were they the hand of the marker or what has been collected on its travel.

I want these works to have a primitive look to them.. looking ‘Ancient & Modern’ as one artwork is titled. A lot of concentration has gone on finding a way to deconstruct & subtract from the picture plane soo far that your almost left with nothing.. it is a fine balance where it’s easy to add a lot to an artwork but very hard to retract the point where it is only just being held up. This is something I have thought a lot about while making the work, the simpler something is the more challenging it is to create as the artist & view. ‘Charged Empty Space’ being another title for a work which has very little going on, but has enough energy to hold itself in a space.

Tom Mackie, 2020.