Monochrome Extended

Martin Poppelwell, Jake Walker, Mark Braunias, Vanessa Arthur, Cat Fooks, The Estate of L. Budd, Julian Hooper, John Roy

12 Oct 2018 — 10 Nov 2018

The Monochrome in art is a term that emerged in the mid 20th Century in relation to works that utilised actual colour as form. Previously works of art in a single colour were actually sculpture, architecture or craft- so the colour fell into the realm of material. Artists extended this by building works where a singular use of pigment became the actual content, opening up realms of thinking relative to experience, space, light and poetry. The artists in this exhibition use limited palettes as a way to focus the ‘sense’ that each work contains or reveals.  

et al.
Vanessa Arthur
Mark Braunias
Cat Fooks
Julian Hooper
Martin Poppelwell
John Roy
Jake Walker

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Image: Jake Walker, 0095. 2018.
Acrylic on Jute w glazed stoneware frame 420x510mm.

Two EE’s

0096 (God I’m Drunk)

Gentlemen Bankers

Mongrel Kunstler

Waiting Space V

Art by the sea

Red Dot Two




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