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The Seven Voyages

7 Aug 2020 — 5 Sep 2020

John Brown

The Seven Voyages

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Billy Apple - From the Collection

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Milk Run

Derek Henderson

John Eaden @ Hastings Distillers

John Eaden

June Stockroom

The Estate of L. Budd, Martin Poppelwell, Emma McIntyre, Julian Hooper, Ruth Ige

The Terrible Boredom of Paradise

Derek Henderson

This is not the Art Fair

Mark Braunias, The Estate of L. Budd, Martin Poppelwell, Jake Walker


Martin Poppelwell, Leanne Culy, John Eaden, Mark Alsweiler, Melanie Mills, Gavin Hurley


John Eaden

on the verge of blue

Ruth Ige, Jaime Jenkins, Emma McIntyre

Of a Lee Shore


Second Hand Daydream

Mark Alsweiler

Show Pony

Tom Sladden

ONE HUNDRED AND ONE THINGS to buy before you die

Vanessa Arthur

The Great Race

John Brown

Chasing Light

Freeman White


Martin Poppelwell


Martin Poppelwell

Summer Show

John Eaden, Martin Poppelwell, Freeman White, Dick Frizzell, Emma McIntyre


Daniel Unverricht

Monochrome Extended

Martin Poppelwell, Jake Walker, Mark Braunias, Vanessa Arthur, Cat Fooks, The Estate of L. Budd, Julian Hooper, John Roy


Rohan Hartley Mills, Krystina Kaza, J.A. Kennedy

Circadian Rhythm

Derek Henderson


John Eaden

The Observatory Home

Mark Alsweiler

A Second Attempt

The Estate of L Budd / Martin Poppelwell, The Estate of L. Budd, Martin Poppelwell

Plein Air | Studio

Freeman White


Des Helmore


Stella Corkery, Tony de Lautour, Saskia Leek, Julian Hooper, Peter Madden, Martin Poppelwell, Cat Fooks, Imogen Taylor, Dick Frizzell

Tomb Raiders

Bronwynne Cornish and Denys Watkins

Common Era

Vanessa Arthur


Martin Poppelwell

Shared Plots

John Eaden, Hayley Hewer, John Lancashire, Brad Donovan

Line Dancing

Emma McIntyre

East Coast

Freeman White

Cross Purposes

Gavin Hurley, Martin Poppelwell

Safety Glass

Derek Henderson


Dick Frizzell, Martin Poppelwell


Ben Pearce, Richard Lewer, Martin Poppelwell

Stairway to Heaven

Deborah Smith, Claire McLintock, Grace Crawshaw-McLean, Harry Were, Bronwynne Cornish, Emma McIntyre, Lorraine Smith, Nicholas Stevens, Xin Cheng, John Reynolds, Dexter Murray, Mark Smith, Martin Poppelwell


David Shennan


Freeman White


Martin Poppelwell, Dilana Rugs


Simon Kaan, Martin Poppelwell

Wall, Floor & Pipe

Jeff Thomson, Martin Poppelwell

The Green Room

Derek Henderson, Deborah Smith, Richard Brimer, Ann Shelton, Martin Poppelwell